Inclusive, Sustainable, Innovative 

Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2022 & ArCHIAM 10-years


The exhibitions under the Inclusive, Sustainable, Innovative banner showcase inclusive architectural practice and heritage research that work across physical, cultural and disciplinary boundaries to realize communities’ aspirations through innovative approaches and care for the environment.

The Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2022 exhibition presents, through panels, film screenings and publications, the 14 shortlisted projects and 6 winning projects from the 2020-2022 award cycle, examples of architectural excellence that combines creative aspirations with a deep social concern. An extraordinary diversity of designers and approaches across 16 countries demonstrate how it is possible to reimagine reality, charting new territories, possibilities and directions by promoting ways in which environmental impact and innovation can be fully embedded in design and procurement processes, protecting people and places and thereby showcasing responses to future crises, disasters and conflicts.

The ArCHIAM 10-years exhibition presents the work of the University of Liverpool’s ArCHIAM Centre (Architecture and Cultural Heritage of India, Arabia and the Maghreb), situated at the intersection between research, impact, teaching and design practice. The exhibition is organised in thematic sections that showcase the Centre’s engagement in world-leading heritage research and teaching, management and design, interpretation and dissemination, underpinned by public engagement and capacity building. It evidences ArCHIAM’s contribution to the theoretical and practical, multidisciplinary exploration of the interweavings between cultural heritage and sustainability, supported by a global network of partners and funders.

The exhibitions will run at RIBA North, 21 Mann Island L31BP from 1st to 30th June 2023. Entry is free. Opening times are 10am to 4pm, weekdays only. If you have any questions about accessibility, events, exhibitions or our services, please call +44(0)151 703 0107 or email ribanorth@riba.org and Rachel.Carr@riba.org.

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For further information about the exhibitions, please contact AKAA2022@liverpool.ac.uk.

Aga Khan Trust for Culture 
Liverpool School of Architecture

RIBA North 21 Mann Island, Liverpool L3 1BP

Dates and times
1st – 30th June 2023, 10am-4pm weekdays only

Photography and filming will take place in the exhibition galleries between 30th May and 30th June 2023. Images and videos will be solely used by the events organisers for dissemination purposes through press releases, printed publicity, academic presentations, web and social media communication. If you prefer not to be photographed or filmed, or for your photos and/or videos not to be used, please get in touch with the camera operators and photographer as soon as possible before the events start.