Alan Mossman

BA Hons Architecture

Graduation Year 2012

Where do you work/study now? Self Employed/Ecole Centrale, Lille, France

What is your current role title? Principal/visiting lecturer

Alan studied management and organisation development after LSA then worked in local government and higher education. He has worked as a socio-technical systems consultant since 1988, returning to construction in 2001 to apply his knowledge, understanding and skills in design, collaboration, systems thinking, organisation development, variation, quality and lean.

Based in the Cotswolds, he coached design and construction teams adopting lean thinking for clients across four continents as well as working with students at a number of universities.  At Centrale Lille in France he is teaching aspects of Construction 4.0 as well as lean construction and Last Planner.  He is a co-developer of the Villego Last Planner Simulation and author of several papers relevant to lean construction.

He is active in local politics, a keen gardener, loves to sing and still enjoys walking and cycling.