One of four foundational skill strands (for ARCH101 module) being taught this year in BA1 has been model making. Over six, fortnightly activity sessions, first year students have been introduced to: the premise of scale by surveying and modelling their own teaching bay in the Stirling studio; exploring the possibilities of paper as a conceptual design tool; communicating and interpreting ideas through models; understanding how to select, represent and combine materials in model making; as well as developing their own designs – through model making – for an outdoor classroom for the Liverpool School of Architecture.

Model Making

ARCH101 Theory Strand is a discussion-based course, which has been designed to allow students freedom and scope to discuss and debate architectural and society-based issues which inform, shape and direct critical thinking. The Module is led by Lucretia Ray, Hanan Barakat, Luke Bushnell-Wye & Niall O’Hare.

ARCH101 – sketching: In this 12-week sketching strand, we got lost in the city, observed and interpreted it with eyes and sketches. Context is the key aim and is always emphasised in all the activities. They are also encouraged to explore how to express their understanding of massing, material, volume, proportion, size, perspective, and atmosphere by practising different topics. Training such as general trees, vehicles, and figures was also used to help them enhance their understandings of drawing conventions.