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Sam Beckwith Flint

Sudley House Nursery and Community Centre | Birkenhead Performance Hub

A selection of competition pages from Sam’s two BA2 projects, the main and first images are from the Nursery & Community Centre for Mossley Hill and Sudley House, Liverpool. This project is situated on the estate of Sudley House, and despite its size, has been designed to nestle comfortably into its landscape. Its design and layout respect its human and physical barriers while addressing the public realm by either improving it or encouraging it. Boasting a variety of interchangeable classroom sizes which create inspiring learning spaces for youngsters, with views to encourage their curiosity.

The other half of the building is shared with a multi-use community space. A large hall with a grass terrace combined with offices for staff and a meeting room. All of this is joined in at the centre with a sizeable atrium, to blend the gorgeous surroundings with the timber structure of the building.

Sam always aims to bring a certain level of environmental sensitivity to his work, combining human and physical systems to create a pleasant environment within his design. The page above is an example of said systems and their interactions and how they work with his work.

Finally, a piece of work taken from Sam’s first project of BA2; a musical performance hub in Birkenhead, Liverpool. Similar to the Nursery, the design is heavily inspired by physical and human systems and how to better run the building with less need for finite sources of power. Material consideration and study of musical performance space from Sam’s past and present musical experiences have helped him create a multi-purpose performance space with adjustable acoustics. The work expresses Sam’s love for line drawing, something that is heavily consistent throughout his design process.

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