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Anan Tian

Nursery School: Take nature to inside

The core concept of the nursery is take nature to inside, which appeals for providing a natural and organic environment for children. Considering the feature and topography of site named Mossley hill, the building utilize the local trees and was built beside the trees as spine. The demographic and teaching philosophy analysis also make a response to the children needs and their daily activities.

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The nursery for 0 to 5 aged children is made by teaching, community and staff space, which connected by a long corridor coherently. The teaching space could open to outside and a courtyard to allow some outdoor teaching and playing activities happening which also cultivate children’s sensitivity of nature and society. The building is constructed by timber for front and for rear elevation is made by stone and marble to fit the “dark” and wet weather because of existing trees.

Through building this nursery, the practical daily caring, health and education of child could be positive responded. Moreover, after building this project people might realize the organic and aesthetic value of the original site, which is helpful for development of Mossley Hill.

Anan Tian Site description