Zhixuan Song

Wildest EchoesNursey School in Liverpool L188BX

Our most memorable moments from childhood happened in nature. It will be a significant idea to make the architecture in a organic shapes to mimic nature.The most remote remembrance are always the strongest echoes in our life and lead us in the whole lifespan.

Location- L188BX Liverpool, near Sudley House
Main Hall

In this project, all the original activities will be kept undisturbed as origin. Therefore, additional function like the nursery school will be conducted in an underground space. Also due to this reason, the light becomes the most essential element in this project. Different shapes of openings were kept under adjustment during the design process. Most of the windows were put toward northeast leeward side which is targeting at allowing more sunlight to get inside and avoid too much heat loss. At the same time, this building is also trying to create an atmosphere that encourages kids to communicate with nature, and the locals to communicate with each other. As a result, sphere-shaped space was utilized to help individuals to get into the atmosphere the building has created: The micro society getting together, make communication easier and help people get relaxed.

Moreover, this project also took environment protection in to consideration: The Half-underground building helps to keep warm and consume less energy; Green rooftop with plants works well in containing rainwater especially during rainy days.

Perspective Section with Constructing Details