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James Bower

The Eclectic Electric Mountain Hostelry

This project is primarily driven by a desire to make the most of the impressive views offered from the site, and to ensure the original values of the existing structure are maintained to a high degree. These two key drivers led to an approach that saw the accommodation schedule break away from one large building into a series of smaller clusters and cabins that spread across the landscape. Not only does this have the benefit of minimizing any detraction from the original barracks but also allows specific key views to be framed by the purposeful placement and rotation of individual buildings. The master plan for this project encourages social interactions to take place in the larger main cluster, which enjoys a double-height atrium and common room/bar, whilst the more functional elements of staying at a hostel; such as the laundry rooms, are clustered around a separate courtyard. The idea is that from these hubs, residents would then retreat to their own private cabins dotted across the site, which they almost ‘happen upon’. To retain an industrial feel and make the most of the rich landscape the site sits on, the scheme makes use of three main materials; locally finished slate and timber for cladding, flooring and brickwork, as well as corten steel panels which help maintain a sense of the decaying industrial atmosphere that makes the existing structure so charming.

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