Anglesey Barracks Youth Hostel

The Anglesey Barracks conversion to Youth Hostel aims to provide Llanberis with affordable accommodation while safeguarding the identity and integrity of a rare form of welsh slate vernacular architecture. The most prominent architectural features of the barracks are their linear form and their repeated geometry and rhythm, distinguished by their chimneys. The barracks, once used to accommodate slate workers, is intervened through a complimentary rolled-zinc extrusion within the existing footprint; the zinc cladding separates the old and new while retaining the same colour palette of slate. Despite all of the interior partitions being removed to allow for a larger internal footprint, the significance of the chimneys and their rhythm is highlighted through an undulating roofscape. This is adorned by skylights at its peaks which cast light into the accommodation below. The slate from the internal partitions is reused throughout the scheme for landscaping and for interior finishes. An old railway line on site has been restored as a funicular tramline, providing visitors with direct access to the hostel from the National Slate Museum. As well as accommodation, the Youth Hostel is equipped with a large public space which continues the linear form of the barracks, creating social spaces and facilities for visitors. These include a common room, guest kitchen and bar area. The public space harmonises with the proportions and rhythm of the accommodation, via a glazed collonaded façade, whilst contrasting with the accommodation’s materiality, through the use of charred larch cladding. This aids in differentiating between the two areas.

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