Yueying Zhong

The Sonata: Regeneration Project for the Toxteth Reservoir

This project aims to convert a Victorian reservoir at High Park Street, Toxteth, Liverpool, into a music venue to revitalize this historic building and the neighbourhood. 

Axonometric and roof structure

The concept “Sonata” is based on the music genre of this venue, which is a classical music hall. As a typical Sonata form is structured with three main sections, the overall space of the reservoir is divided into three parts: a “Gallery” remaining all the essential structures of the original reservoir, an open “Foyer” with a glass roof, and a new “Concert Hall” at the back. Connecting them are the corridors along on both sides and some service areas in between. The purpose is to create continuously changing experiences for visitors, as they progress through these spaces and finally entre the concert hall.

Model 1:200

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