Callum Allison Project

Callum Allison

The Neptune Institute

The Neptune Institute is a world-class marine biology research centre located on the western part of the island Giudeccca, Venice. The institute is focused on informing the local population, and the many visitors to the Venice Region, of the impact tourism is having on the flora and fauna on the Venice Lagoon. The aim of the institute is to inform the public and provide research space for marine biologists. The building has been designed to give the impression that the structure is alive and to replicate the feeling of being submerged underwater.

The masterplan that was developed in Module 402 proposed the idea of an event space on the island of Giudecca, that would provide a fantastical display of digital artwork. Data collected from the Neptune Institute would be shared with artists around the globe, interpreted, and then produced in various digital forms. Pods would display artists installations and float around Venice to areas that would not usually be visited by tourists; providing a different and insightful experience of Venice.

These elements have been developed in Module 403. The space on Giudecca has been completely redesigned and a new structure developed for the home of the Neptune Institute. The Neptune Institute has been inspired by bio-morphic architecture and the Diacria Trispinosa; plankton that inhabit the Venice Lagoon.