George Brandon Project

George Brandon

Flagships Venezia Production Campus

The FLAGSHIPS Venezia Masterplan is a direct response to three of Venice’s principle issues. Firstly, the overcrowding and bottleneck effect in the Piazzale Roma area, primarily due to the ever-increasing numbers of passengers alighting from the cruise terminal; Secondly, the lack of public space suitable for Venetians within the island – resulting in a diminished sense of community; and thirdly, the rate at which the working age population emigrates away from the city due to the
scarcity of skilled work-roles and educational opportunities.

The project proposes an introduction of measures to steadily reduce the number of cruise ship passengers arriving at the Venice cruise terminal, relieving the infrastructure of the additional masses, and lessening the current congestion. The reduced capacity Terminal area is then proposed to be partially reclaimed to create mixed-use spaces that attempt to restore the diminished sense of community within the city.

Programmatically, the project proposes the introduction of a Production and Innovation Campus within the ‘reclaimed’ area of Venice’s cruise terminal, along with a new residence to serve the area. The campus is to be affiliated with FLAGSHIPS, an EU-funded organisation, and will become the inaugural production centre for zero-emission hydrogen waterborne transport. Using recyclable elements from the current stock of Vaporetto’s, this project aims to initially replace the old stock with new hydrogen boats. Once this is complete, boats will then be produced for other sites around Europe.

1:2000 Site Model – Flagships Venezia Campus Zoning
The Production Line Sketch
Indicative Programmatic Axonometric Sketches
Sketch Model Massing Development
Ground Floor Plan
Long Section