Becky Smith

The site is Dinorwic quarry located in the foothills of Snowdon overlooking Llyn Peris lake and Llanberis town, a tourist destination for walkers, climber and sightseers. The site therefore lends itself to development of a hostel, bar and restaurant to support the local tourist economy and take advantage of the stunning views and the local heritage.

Transitional Sketches
Section Two

One way the intervention will fit into the landscape is by replicating some of the man- made key forms surrounding the site such as strong horizontals and a stepped section from the quarry.

Interior Perspective Render
Interior Perspective Render
Interior Perspective Render

Leading up to site is the old funicular railway track used by the miners of the quarry to take slate up and down the mountain. By reinstating the route of the funicular railway, there is a clear and defined route up to the barracks and the hotel. The circulation of the hotel also follows the funicular railway. This will result in increased footfall and thus increased appreciation and exploration of the barracks by both locals and visitors.