Cristina-Raluca Alexe

The AuthentiCITY studio in the MArch4 challenged my perception of what is authentic in the context of the time capsule that Venice is. The unusual site conditions meant that all existing architectural knowledge had to be applied to a new, exciting territory. The Arch401 and 402 focused on the socio-economic and physical site conditions, ending in a masterplanning exercise on a site of our choice.

Arch403 required developing a part of the Arch402 project into a more detailed proposition. I chose local food to represent the authenticity, cultural heritage and the rich past of the Venetians. [photo 3 and 4]. My project is a wholesale market which includes commercial and administrative areas. The canals allow for boats to unload produce into the market and by extending into the residential area they create a connexion with the wider realm. The open floor of the market allows for flexibility in terms of activities, while the roof structure and the perforated louvres provide shelter. The solid elements are modular which makes for easy transportation and fast on-site assembly.

Team work in Arch404 pushed one of our projects further by making design decisions quickly and detailing the project at key points. The project is a group of residential and public buildings, mainly a library, communal kitchen and temporary living pods.

Part South Elevation of the Market
Short Section through Restaurant
Window Detail (group work)
Market Stall in Context
3D View of Market
Ground Floor Plan