Matt Magee Project

Matthew Magee

Venice Bike & Campo San Margherita Creative District

Venice Bike is a proposed third form of transport for the city of Venice. In response to rising carbon emissions, an environmentally conscious people and the congested city, the network aims to provide an efficient and green form of transport whilst releasing the pressure of pedestrian movement along the existing streets.

Connecting previously disused Campi as a network of ‘stops’, the route allows users to ‘hop-on-hop-off’ at the various Campi along the route, with no bikes ever actually being rode in the streets themselves.

The route is built entirely of recycled and natural materials that encourage the recovery of marine species and water clarity whilst also improving the air quality within the city and its canals via the introduction of Mangrove Trees to the existing ecosystem.

In order to support and develop this network and the ideas it provokes, the area of Campo San Margherita will act as it’s central hub, introducing a number of new centres for technologies, production, sustainability and education to the area in partnership with the universities and young communities that currently reside there.