Tin Shing Tim Tsoi

Framed Social Hubs

Hubs space that incorporates missing Chinese and Venetian industries to ensure viable social life for Chinese migrant and the locals. The industry of Venice has been overtaken by souvenir shop and gift shops. There is a fight ongoing between the tourist and the locals. The local infrastructure has been destroyed due to the tourists. This caused the Chinese migrant along with local to suffer from this issue.

Correlation between the different industries is identified, and this is adjusted into the program. A framework is created using the existing Chinese restaurant aka Chinese communities. The enclosed area (red area) are larger than the open area, and this is the same in most Chinese restaurant in the lagoon. This framework is what i will use to develop a newer framework for the enclosed space for the hub design.

The design showcase a seperation of materials from solid to open space. The wooden framework around the concrete building is shown in seperate material, and the wooden frame is providing an array of open space that is interconnected throughout the building. The framework has a series of planter for Venetian and Chinese plant and food. This location is place in high sunlight location without clustering the views. Planter is facing southwest. The open space consist of 3 vertical frameworks connect with narrow path from the enclosed (concrete building) and the open spaces (framework)