Youth hotel in Anglesey barracks at Dinorwic quarry

Quiet Gallery, Memory unrevealed
Hidden below the front square, the Quiet Gallery features like a welcoming stop for all local and international visitors. For the first glimpse, it will not be easily found for anyone who just arrived from the Upper Duke street. However, the iconic staircase will lead you to reveal the Cathedral and the graveyard and explore the spaces which never been exposed to the public before. The underground museum will exhibit the historical memory of the Liverpool Cathedral, as well as revealing the individual stories of those resting souls buried inside the graveyard. Together with a new bridge, the gallery reconnects the main road with access to the Oratory, the St James Gardens and the north gate of the Cathedral. Therefore the gallery provides a new journey to explore more fascinating moments of the land of St James Mount before actually entering the Cathedral. There is also a cafe and gift shop at the basement level of the museum, serving and relaxing all visitors with pleasure.