Abbey Brady-Hoyle

Toxteth Social Tank

This project is about the revival of Toxteth Reservoir, transforming the historic building into something to be used in a modern setting. It provides the people of Toxteth with a safe space to gather and fulfil their needs. It includes flexible event spaces, a café, community kitchen and foodbank, a nursery, library, laundrette and business units.

The main design driver behind this project was to preserve the unique architectural language of the original building whilst creating a space that feels open and welcoming. This is achieved by conserving the arched walkway around the perimeter and keeping a corner of the reservoir with the original roof and columns, the rest of the reservoir is opened up by removing the roof and introducing two new entrances.

Sustainability is also a big design driver, the new structure is built out of recycled brick from the roof and any concrete used in the building has been created from brick too, rainwater is collected and used in the building and the new design also introduces a lot more green space.

Probably the most significant thing about Toxteth Social Tank is that it provides the community with things that are lacking in the area and facilities that will liberate them, most importantly a library to create opportunities for learning and support literacy and education, and a foodbank, to ensure the people of L8 don’t need to travel far and be able to collect food parcels in a comfortable space.

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