Stephanie Lewis Project

Stephanie Lewis

A Slice of Venice

Overcrowding in Venice from tourists, in particular cruise ship passengers, is causing an exodus of Venetian residents whose lives are impaired by being forced to negotiate crowds on a daily basis, a reducing housing market lost to a more profitable tourist accommodation as well as the limited job opportunities outside of the tourism industry.

With a planned reduction in cruise ships along with a cruise passenger tax, this proposal aims to re-purpose the cruise terminal for a residential accommodation and leisure facility for the Venetian residents. Located alongside the cruise terminal edge it will use the form of architectural strips taken from Venice layered upon each other horizontally to replicate the densities and compression experienced within Venice, these layers will ultimately form large cantilevered decks, similar in context to the cruise ships it will sit alongside.  These decks will accommodate a programme not possible on this scale due to the limitations within Venice with the programme being defined by the footprint of the strips creating specific blocks.

This project explores the swimming block and an accommodation block in more detail, how they are connected through a series of external stairways and the different accommodation pod typologies that can be repeated throughout the programme on a larger scale.