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Karolina Adamiec

Path of Reminiscence

When I was born my parents planted a Spruce. They attached the very first picture of me to one of the branches. In a way both this tree and I were born on the same day, we grew up together. The spruce was planted in a countryside in Poland, where I spent a big part of my childhood. My emotional connection to the Spruce is why I chose it for my artifact. The Spruce provided inspiration for me when working on the design of the retreat.

The retreat provides safe space for kids to play outdoors and indoors, spend time with their parents and study. Tall walls surrounding the building isolate it from a busy surrounding. The enclosed outdoors area creates space for people to plant trees for their kids and watch those trees grow over the years. Just like my parents planted a tree for me.

The building is not however fully isolated. The carefully placed entrances lead the visitor towards St Peters Square and Fact. Allowing people to go on family walks surrounded by nature and culture. The window in the café points towards the cathedral, creating a great view both at night and during the day. Other windows are partly isolated from the street using spruce wood cladding. They allow light to enter the building but still create a barrier from the overwhelmingly busy streets.