James Taite

A hostel built on a heritage site. The Anglesey Barracks accommodated for the slate miners of the early 19th century in Llanberis. Now in ruin, they attract tourists and hikers visiting Mount Snowdon and Llanberis. This project aims to respectfully implement the new builds without affecting the site’s existing qualities and moments of discovery, only adding more points of interest.

The street facades and repeating chimneys are preserved, thereby preserving the heritage values of the site with the integrated builds recessed, creating an opportunity for a garden window. Some of the units are preserved allowing you to experience its original state of ruin.

The accommodation building centres about the barracks, ensuring their significance to the site is maintained. It is set apart to create another social threshold. The structural form of the accommodation encapsulates the site and its materiality reflects the old of the barracks, with its slate walls and the new, with its timber framing.

The public build turns to the south, facing Llyn Peris and Mount Snowdon. Its form is imbedded into the landscape. Its two story interior space creates a social atmosphere in the restaurant and focuses the view of the valley below.

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