Weaving Stories

The aim of this project was to create a space that encourages the sharing of stories within a community through creativity and play. The spaces can be adapted depending on activities and seasons, where each of these adaptations encourages community participation. Select walls are on roll tracks, allowing them to be moved across site whilst the main storytelling area is created using ropes and textiles, woven through wooden poles. All of this is designed to encourage the involvement of its users of all ages – allowing the architecture to be created and woven by those who understand the community best. The walkway remains a public footpath to site where the public are encouraged to tie, weave and yarn bomb its railings to create a piece of community art. Over time, pieces decay at which point local nature uses the textiles for their own needs. Built using passive design principles and local materials, the building is environmentally sustainable and uses its natural landscape to the advantage of the spaces, capturing and framing views throughout.

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