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Charlotte Bebb

A Sense of Place

My project revolved around creating individualised pods that would reflect moods felt by the inhabitants, with the title ‘A Sense of Place’. The project required us to chose an artefact to focus upon and I chose greeting cards as a wider term to be able to focus on the emotions felt from either receiving or giving those cards. In the end, I decided on this grid system to ‘slot’ spaces into to create a ‘wellness centre’ or ‘mental health retreat’. Alongside the pods are multiple other spaces that differ in size and height to fracture or offset the grid, this change of height also helped enhance the atmosphere of the rooms as well. Creating my model has always been my favourite part of a project, especially adding all the material onto said pods and rooms. Overall I wanted to create spaces that fit a uniform structure but to also allow free movement between all the areas to represent a ‘journey’ which is marked by different occasions, hence the cards.  

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