Connor Foster, Matthew Charnley, Gianluca Buscicchio

Intergenerational Living Liverpool City Centre

This thesis aims to tackle the problem of isolation and loneliness primarily in the elderly generation, which will be exacerbated by an ageing UK population. The issues however, prevalent across all demographics have been magnified by the current pandemic. Through intergenerational housing, the scheme provides an environment for residents to stay physically and socially active into older age, prolonging quality of life and reducing the economic burden on state care. The scheme also addresses the imbalance of student accommodation and soulless ‘young professional apartments’ in the city centre by designing architecture that provides conditions to form small scale, bonded intentional communities within clusters that benefit from intergenerational relationships. Combined they impact and contribute to a wider sense of community in the city centre. It also functions as an exemplar modular, intergenerational co-housing scheme typology, which carries the potential to be recreated and adapted in other parts of Liverpool and other city centres.

The incorporation of the iconic Adelphi Hotel as the ‘front door’ creates a strong link with the identity of the city, re-establishes its position as a significant landmark and reinstates lost public spaces by opening its ground floor up to the public in the form of a procession of squares. The scheme creates a vibrant new neighbourhood that blurs the boundaries between public and private with raised courtyards within the clusters, while increasing permeability and accessibility around the site. The activation of streets and high-quality public realm creates a sense of place to increase visitor dwell time, while communal facilities such as the nursery and health centre placed at street level encourage interaction with the wider community. A more intimate environment and collection of communal spaces is provided within the courtyards. Walkways function as an extension of each flat, effectively forming semi-communal outside terraces/gardens where residents interact with each other daily, relax, circulate, and can observe life within the courtyard generating a sense of safety and togetherness.

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