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Francesca Coey

Tea Sanctuary

This structure’s purpose is to educate occupants on tea, stimulate memories/associations with tea and allow reflection on them, and provide a space to socialize and enjoy the products grown.

Tea Sanctuary provides a space for numerous people in numerous ways. Part of the structure involves a generic arrangement of a café, providing a space for people to relax and socialize, in a ‘modern-traditional English way’. The structure also involves a café that is styled to represent traditional practices of tea ceremonies in Japan, (i.e.: visitors sit on the floor, using traditional Japanese tea ceremony equipment). Furthermore, the main gathering space involves growing tea in a controlled environment, allowing visitors to learn how tea is grown and pick the tea themself. The room also involves storage cylinders with tea grown from the ‘greenhouse’ (which would have been processed offsite) stored within them, enabling visitors to buy the tea grown at the site.

Tea Sanctuary in part provides information about tea; its history, its origin, its significance to different cultures, the varying types of tea, to educate and create an understanding of the importance of tea. This is furthermore implemented by the ‘spiritual room’ designed to enable people to reflect on memories and their personal relationship with tea, prompted by their sense of smell. The structure is a ‘sanctuary’ because it educates, stimulates and allows reflection for the visitor, with space to process it all in the reflective spaces surrounding the spiritual room.

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