Martin Sekac

Echoing values

Anglesey barrackslocated at Dinorwic quarry (Wales) used to accommodate slate quarry workers from the island of Anglesey. The cottages were used until 1948 when a visit by the local public health Inspector condemned them as unfit for human habitation.

From that point, exposure to theharsh welsh climatecaused thestructure to fall into disrepairwhile the region slowly transformedintoatourist destination. The former quarries began toattractwalkersandtheindustry shifted towardsthegeneration of energy–theengineering legacy continuedwith a significantdam project inside one of themountainsreplacedthe slate industry.As simple as these barracks are, myintentionis to capture the ‘Genius Loci’of theplace –human interaction with the environment through quarryingand engineering.16 of 22 barracks are used as asingle accommodation unit in order to preserve integrity valueand exemplify vernacular living.The new addition is boldyet highly functional and durable against Snowdonia weather.Although I amonlyengaging with asmall element, itismeant torepresent the culture as a whole -ambitious men that innovated extractive and transport technology and later influenced quarries in the USA and France.