Youth Hostel: Renovation Of Llanberis Slate Barracks

The Slate barracks of Llanberis have significant heritage values and are strongly connected to local people and context. It was important when renovating the dis-used barracks to maintain their key architectural qualities. My design is heavily influenced by the scale and form of the original barracks, the key design concept involved taking the footprint of the existing barracks and rotating it, facing the wonderful views of the lakes and mountains nearby. The form has been sunken into the landscape allowing the barracks to sit above, meaning the rhythm and form of the chimneys remain prominent. A open social space is positioned where the two portions of the building overlap- allowing visitors to look and move in-between the barracks just as the quarry men once could. The new building is distinguished from the old, besides using the same locally sourced materials, by using modern building techniques that have sleeker more uniform textures. The Contrasting copper roofs similarly uses local materials in synergy with modern building techniques. The outdoor space to the north of the building is well protected from wind and rain by the surroundings woods and the barracks themselves. The garden offers a space for visitors to interact with others and appreciate the tranquility of the area whilst sat around a fire. Alternatively the south portion of the building is very exposed, the viewing platform is the ideal space to experience the strong elements and views together. 

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