William Dewell

Llanberis Pass New Refuge

The Llanberis Pass New Refuge was conceived as to maintain the existing barrack buildings and create a hostel for hikers as well as a space for the local community.

The massing of the building follows the topography of its context and provides a natural hierarchy, rising in the centre about the barracks and common room.

The building will provide a multiuse public area in the centre for interaction and performance, including four unrenovated units which will exhibit artefacts and document the way that past dwellers lived and worked there.

The remainder of the barracks will be sympathetically restored as suites with little visual change besides the addition of leaded rooves with glazed elements to enhance the internal space.

The fully glazed common room, above the kitchens and staff areas, with a grass roof provides a space for socialising, relaxing and exercise and will encourage growth and wildlife to the area.

The building rises into the hillside behind the barracks, housing the majority of the accommodation with the suites on the upper floor all commanding incredible views from a shared balcony.

The viewing platform forward of the barracks encloses public facilities beneath it including a shop and café and gives a panoramic vista across the reservoir, Dolbadarn Castle and Mount Snowdon.

For further information please contact me at: wdewell@yahoo.co.uk

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