William Sarginson

I was inspired by Chipperfield’s Neues museum because it restores and suggests the original volumes of the bomb-damaged parts of the building but introduces a contemporary typology which contrasts with the existing structure but harmonises with it. I took this idea and applied it to the barracks near Llanberis. These barracks are constructed from stacked slate held together with lime mortar. The abandonment of the site was clearly seen with the degradation of the structure with time which upset me because I wanted to celebrate the traditional welsh stonework with my design. I wanted to create a contrast between the old and new, so I used a different shaped slate for the new construction shown on the twin suite rooms but harmonise by using the same materials. I took inspiration from industrial slate factories near the site for the organisation and form of the new construction. These were long and thin with sloped roofs. I used this industrial profile because I felt like it was a major part of the welsh quarrying heritage which would bring the barracks back to life again.