Xhesika Bicaku

I am a student at the University of Liverpool having just finished first year architecture.As our final project, we were given a site area where we had to create a design. I decided to design a house for the elderly, dementia patients. This has been a personal issue for me, after my grandmother passed away having suffered from dementia in the recent years. We had to link an artefact to the design and I chose a ring she had passed to me, symbolising her.

Watching the gradual deterioration of a family member affected by dementia has become an emotional reality for thousands of families providing care, so I decided to design an environment where these people are accustomed with the right care and surrounded by the right atmosphere.Memory can be affected by so many things, but having the right environment can be improved and understood by other people. I decided to go for a domestic approach, creating a homely feeling to the place, helping trigger memory by doing daily activities. I also incorporated the use of different colours and palettes, again helping those individuals suffer from it distinguish different locations.I hope that in the future this social agenda can be applied for more projects similar to mine, helping those in need and creating a better place for a better lifestyle.