The concept is generated from the railway system in this area. The history of the railway reflects the local industry development, which connects the past and current. The abandoned railway characterizes the site. Another part of the concept comes from the form of the barracks. Its strong linear form is kept and reinforced in the design, as well as setting the circulation system between 2 rows. Based on these 2 ideas, the design use walkway system which is placed in between two rows of barracks to connect different parts of the building and interact with the railway. Two new building is added as an extension of the original barracks to present a more dramatic linear form. The color of the building is closed to the slates on site, but use a different material-zinc as cladding to distinguish from the heritage. The steel walking system is in vivid red, which serves better when guiding people around the site.

The project uses steel frame structure, which is slot in the current barrack, but does not

touch the interior wall. the cantilever steel beam frame is able to support most part of the walkway, therefore no extra need to add studs in the space between 2 rows of barracks, which does not cause obstacle. The space between 2 rows of barracks is also a flexible space for small events.

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