Mountainside Hostle

The project aims to renovate a barrack heritage in Llanberis to a hostel for the tourists and workers from the quarry nearby. The barrack heritage locates on a hill of a mountainside which has a great view of the Llyn Peris lake and Dolbadarn castle. Therefore, the renovation aims to high light these two viewing for the visitors and keep the existing heritage to show the local tradition value as well.

The hostel would be constructed to follow the terrain of the hill to make most of the room could face the lake as much as possible. The hostel also keeps and extends the original circulation for additional buildings and functions. The material of the additional building aims to create a contrast on color but harmony on texture between old and new. Each new hostel room would use a pre-fabricated construction strategy to minimize the damage to the existing heritage and the environment as well.

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