Ziqi Chen

Toxteth reservoir supplied clean and pure water as a water infrastructure for the Toxteth region before 1997. The water infrastructure could transfer to a social reservoir continuing bringing benefit to the local area.

Reusing the reservoir as a social community centre is a good decision to regenerate and active this area for next 100 years.

The aim of this project is to design a mix use social community center for the local people and visitors and contribute to supporting and sustaining positive social and ecological relations.


1. Taking advantage of the natural environment and context.

2. Reserving the original structure as far as possible. The reservoir could tell story by the original materials and structure.

3. Accessible for people from each direction of the reservoir and the disabled friendly.

The idea is from water distribution system and the layout of space is from sound level around the site. Water pipe distribute pure water from reservoir to the user. The corridor and vertical circulation like the water pipe could lead people to each indoor space. Additionally, the courtyard or some special space also could be regarded as carrier of air, sunlight and view. Those space are the transition zone for noisy area and quiet area in this project and distribute fresh air and sunlight to each indoor space.

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