Atia Raja


My vision for suburbia entails a complete re-imagination of the typical London suburb.  A place currently riddled with cars and people, I would like to transform it into a a natural lanscape, rich with biodiversity.

New Barnet is a site surrounded by an existing forest and reservoir. My proposal takes these areas and integrates them to the residential spaces in the extreme. I would like a suburb where entering it feels like a completely different city, despite being only 30 minutes from the centre of London – with the train station walking distance from every home.

The feeling of escapism is reinforced through the removal of cars within this site. Completely void of roads, the transport system is re-imagined through various path and waterways.

I imagine the new space being occupied by a variety of city dwellers. Varying from family homes to one-bed studios, a diverse selection of inhabitants are welcome. This concept re-imagines the lifestyle of a stereotypical Londoner- where the suburb becomes an anomaly and therefore an attraction much like a ‘mini-Venice’.

The strategy derives from Regents Canal in London, highlighting 3 relationships a dwelling can have with the water: The façade against the water, the garden against it or the street against it. These relationships dictate the various neighbourhoods within this suburb, and the types of residents who will use the space.

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