Catriona Butters

Urban Suburbia 

The brief for the project was to increase the residential density in New Barnet, in North London. The project I designed, extended the existing high street through the design, linking to the new addition of the Lido at the end. The high street goes through the building, linking a series of courtyards that the resident can look on to, the idea stems from Budapest with its Guzdu housing. The intension was for each resident to be dual aspect, looking onto the courtyard or the surrounding area and for each unit to have access to a balcony or outdoor space, which I believed was a necessity after going into lockdown. Each of the courtyards have different themes, vegetation, sculpture and design park, pond, kids play area, then spa and pools. The ground floor has no residential units, and it mostly commercial, with bike sheds and the spa. The building is ziggurat as the aim was for the building to blend in with its surroundings, to become a sort of hill. The ziggurat design became difficult when it came to the internal stairs, which also ziggurat and the position of the lift shaft. On the east side there is series of walkways, connected by stairs, which acts as a street with benches and front gardens. There is a strong connection with greenery in the design, so all residents can look onto it and most residents have greenhouses to grow plants and vegetation but to also act as a screen for privacy. 

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