Cheng Man Hin

After researching the area, designing for long term residents was the main, whilst revitalising the suburbs to attract new and future generations were important too.

The project is to connect different towns and suburbs via a tram line, while adding in clusters of increased densities along the tram line. Also extending the existing high street into connecting and chain the communities which are surrounded by vast greenery.

By separating the site into three zones, commercial (where high street goes through), transportation (where tram line goes through) and residential for living spaces. Through zoning vertically, a staircase shape where the highest ‘step’ would respond to the hill where the train line sits, and steps down towards the park, responding to the new tram line, was found interesting.

By looking at two precedents, ‘Kalkbreite’ in Switzerland – a cooperation complex with tram depot integrated and ‘Tsang Tai Uk’ in Hong Kong – various courtyards sizes with different functions. I started off with shaping the design by studying massing models. Vertical zoned models were created to understand the ideal size, levels and orientation of the design, whilst ring models were created to understand the depth of each zone and form of design. Three designs were chosen all designs analysed. The design focused on this project was similar to a combination of both precedents. Overall it is a design of a continuous plaza meshed with a transportation hub, which contains different levels with different programmes, like a walk within a sculpture.


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