Daniel Zhang-Baganz

This project is a co-operative housing scheme comprising 6 great housing courtyards each made up of 8 flexible courtyard housing groups each split into 3 units constructed in the residential suburb of New Barnet.

The aim was to create a low-density car-free vision of suburbia that opens to the surrounding area and environment bringing elements like the local forest and lake into suburbia wrapping fluidly around and in contrast to the rigid grid of the housing proposal.

 By creating shared margin entrances between the neighbouring units within these housing groups this brings in the natural elements within the grid also with different squares both soft and hardscaped to allow natural recreation and encourage street theatre that can travel up to the gas holder as vertical public space.

Housing consists of a lightweight modular design that can be easily customised and expanded upon, in the first stage all residents have access to a garden either on the ground floor or roof garden. The ground floor garden space for each resident can be extended into as part of the unit or as annexes on the ground floor which can be used as a space for residential or non-residential use, such as home office, lecture class or a small shop. These expansions can be built on a demountable foundation that allows the life cycle of the extensions to end and be re-born again a new as the resident’s lifestyle changes.

The multi-scalar courtyards of this scheme intend to encourage natural ventilation and cultivate a sense of being part of a wider community, offering a paradigm for a new vision of suburbia.

email: dnlbgz@gmail.com

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