The main aim of the project is to redevelop the Carnatic Site, recently sold by the University of Liverpool, into a housing area. The site is located in the Mossley Hill conservation area, thus encouraging the development of the site to be centred around a green space, with a clear focus on community, inclusiveness and environmental friendly buildings. The design will be focused on creating different housing schemes, varying in density, form and function for around 300 habitants, coming from different social backgrounds, from students to families.

I am intending in developing the site to include the main typologies present in Mossley Hill area: terraced housing, semidetached and detached houses and apartments included in a block of flats. They should aim to accommodate the various types of families present in the society, so they should vary in size and numbers of bedrooms. Although different, there should be a continuity in terms of style and materiality, that also matches the character of the site. In all of the proposed residences the common feature should be represented by the family room: the living room and the kitchen that are placed in a spacious room, to reinforce the idea of community within the house and to accommodate gatherings, both with the family and the new neighbourhood.

Furthermore, the site’s highlights should be preserved, so the arrangement of the clutters should revolve around the central woodland area, without disrupting it. As this is an important characteristic, the homes should feature big windows in the family room to form views towards the green area and to encourage sunlight to come into the building.

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