Rushma Thapa

Luxury is beyond necessity – plenty.

Architecturally it is grand.

GRAND – adjective –

-magnificent and imposing in appearance, size, or style

-large, ambitious, or impressive in scope or scale

– denoting the largest or most important item of its kind

My proposal is of uniting the buildings by creating a grand courtyard- with an emphasis on the Crescent building.

Emphasising the existing elements such as the unique spiral stair-case and light wells, I have created two sets of units.

The circulation is created to provide an all-round access- uniting the surrounding buildings and creating the feel of a grand courtyard.

The south side has been excavated further by 3.8 meters to stretch the impact of a south facing garden, creating a sense of monumentality beneath the arches as well as providing unique spaces for use by the public and the residents.

The emphasis on double height spaces creates a grand atmosphere and allows for non-standard unit layouts- with a focus on stairs. Overall, my design is luxurious because it unites the existing buildings – adding a new dynamic that is not just more spacious, but also more imposing.

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