Sam Tipping

The brief for my project was to design an art foundation for The Liverpool Biennial, a city wide art event. The event differs every year so, I decided that my foundation had to be flexible and able to adapt to the changing needs of the space. This formed the basis for my project ‘The Changing Foundation’. The main idea behind my design was moving partitions using rail systems, folding walls and sliding partitions. This meant that the whole layout of the building could be altered to accommodate different exhibitions and workshops. Simple changes to these elements effected circulation, opacity, spacial sizes and lighting. Using a regular grid for my steel frame structure, I designed rail systems that could create modulated spaces or completely open spaces. The regular grid allowed the partitions to fit together to close off spaces.

The foundation was located in the centre of Liverpool in a built up, urban setting. The site required large scale landscaping to ensure it fit into the surroundings. To achieve this I used a combination of hard landscaping and soft landscaping. The main idea of the landscaping was that, like the foundation itself, the space changed overtime. Therefore, the area around the foundation was designed to be a graffiti park with excavated streets for graffiti with the foundation bridging over them.

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