Samuel Hall

Liverpool Biennial Foundation: The Suntrap

The Suntrap foundation building is a multipurpose headquarters for the bi-annual art festival in Liverpool. The building is designed in order to make full use of the overwhelming sunlight levels on the site and incorporate them into the core design while also making use of as much environmental strategies as feasible. The building itself makes use of a recycled steel frame with a black render, and a large amount of floor to ceiling glazing on the sunlit sides (with the use of brise soleil along the long corridor). The north and east sides of the building with minimal sunlight make use of a traditional Portland stone effect tile cladding- a modern spin on the aesthetics of buildings such as the Adelphi Hotel. The “existing” underground art gallery has been connected to the foundation by use of a large atrium which was a courtyard/ exit to the original gallery and has now been converted into a large central opening from the underground level of the gallery up to the top floor and roof garden. The building itself revolves around a large naturally lit exhibition space leading into the long wide corridor (which has different sunlight aesthetics), with private workers areas, workshops, a lecture theatre, café spaces and the south facing roof garden providing the other key spaces for customer and worker. In the spirit of keeping the site as sunlit as possible, open exhibition areas as well as outdoor seating and natural gardens make up the rest of the large site.

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