Toxteth, the region that remains the longest history in Liverpool, is believed to represent the memory of this region for hundreds of years. After decade’s booming and decay, the Toxteth Reservoir, the Victorian reservoir completed in 1850s and now remained as a landmark, is expected to be regenerated and reused as a public community center.

Because of the dark and damp interior of the reservoir, which apparently lacks attractiveness, and the entire region that has suffered from unemployment and urban decay for decades of years, the present situation of Toxteth Reservoir is not optimistic. The primary aim of this project is to regenerate the existing building with positive and innovative strategies, in order to change people’s original impression to the reservoir and the region, followed by introducing employment and encouraging communitive interactions, and eventually bring livability and adaptability for this region.

What is delightful is that Toxteth Reservoir benefit local residents significantly before it was closed for water storage in 1997, since it not only helped to provide clean water for citizen and as a result contributed to the improvement of health condition, but also provided considerable amount of water for fire control. In order to hint and remind people the history of the original infrastructure, water will be another significant factor during design and regeneration.

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