Sun, Zhuoping

The original parking lot is like a withered tree in the lush urban forest. Its life has ended, will be replaced by a new landscape garden and new buildings like seed germination in the forest.

A building like a seed planted in urban

It is growing and changing

And providing a shelter for human

The sunlight through the leaves drawing the different shadow

The roots cross the rocks stand stable on the ground

Only when you get to the end can you find out the beauty

Like climbing up a tree or walking through the dark

The tree keeps growing

The space might be never same twice

The main aim of the overall project is to design a sightseeing route cross the whole landscape design and linked building on it, the route experience would create a similar experience in the story, who exploring the new land by crossing a dark cave. People crossing the pavilion which are the work of first semester, then enter the building atrium which in the final work of second semester. Both of two semester design base on the same design manifesto to guide the design, which base on the inspiration of Peach Blossoms story, I want to create a vibrant and alive land in urban area, this buildings are changing with its surrounding gardens, by shading, smelling and sound to inject fresh vitality into the area in the heart of Liverpool.

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