Telmuun Magsarjav

Landscape Suburbia

Suburbia, it is the link between the urban city center and the rural production fields.  This project explores how the new way of living in suburbia can bring these two living standards together in the manifestation of housing. Just as how the built environment has certain dimensions and patterns, the productive landscape has it too. The design looks into the relationship between architecture and landscape and how it could then translate into our day to day living standards.

The concept applies in three main scales of architecture which are the urban scale, the building scale and the unit scale. Drawing references and dimensions from production fields on urban scale, the design takes on to create urban blocks across the site. At building scale the landscape features spills into the building fabric and vice versa. I took on the idea of greenhouses and planting terraces as medium to self-sustainable life in suburbia. The end result was combination of greenhouse and house whereby it is the extended part of the occupant’s indoor living rooms. Finally at the unit scale, it is structured in a way to accommodate planter pots within the floor slab of the housing. The wet zones that includes kitchen, toilets and planters, are aligned in a grid system which allows the house to vary in different typologies whilst having common language.

The future of living standard should not think of nature and built environment as separate things but to think of it as integrated identity that should go along side by side.


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