Yasaman Arbabifard, Calum Rankin

An Ecosophical Approach Towards Duathches

An Ecosophical Approach Towards Duathches

This thesis proposes a devolved Highland Land Reform Agency & Ecology Park as a catalyst to empower the public reclamation of the Highlands derelict landscape. Currently the concentrated power and wealth is in the hands of the 7% of “phantom owners” that privately own 84% of all land in Scotland. The proposal directs its attention towards revitalizing and re-structuring of a post-industrial site in Invergordon, using the site as an example for valorization of surrounding natural resources and the industrial heritage as drivers for urban development. The creation of a new urban fabric reconnects the people of Invergordan to the landscape with a renewed subjective understanding. Urban landscape is redefined through an ecosophical driven approach that incorporates the fundamental principles of decentralized social, economic and political values.

The 22.5-acre Seabank Tank Farm was once a Royal Navy fuel and water store at the heart of Invergordan has remained abandoned for 65 years since decommissioning in 1956. Public access has remained removed; representing the physical and metaphorical division in the industry and particularly oil has left within the town. The disharmony created by the presence of the site has polarized the local community because of both its occupation of prime land and deep-rooted heritage which defined the naval town. This project preserves, reimagines and reinstates the industrial heritage of the tank farm into a landmark of transversal ecological significance that represents a political stronghold for community driven developments. The series of catalytic interventions applied each respond to the historical functionality of the park in a contemporary application, evolving the dialogue between the use of the site and the surrounding community into a public asset.

The reformed site connects the east and west two primary residential areas adjoined through a landscaped thoroughfare intersecting the tank farm. Reinstating the north and south links creates the desire line connecting Inverbreakie and seabank areas. Along this new infra-structure network of functionality, a journey through the site is shaped by organic spatial orderings of form, light and materiality that evolves the user experience; eventually finalizing the route with the introduction of an ecology that completes an urban nature. The town square with the surrounding landmark parish church, debate chamber, administration building all cluster to form the mouth of the park. The three ecologies are satisfied in the scheme through a new functionality of urban space within the community to provide social exchange (public square), education (HLRA), political empowerment (debate chamber), economy (waste treatment and aeroponics) which will sustain growth.

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