As the third year first semester tutorial assignment, this project is a water infrastructure related site for cultural production. Fundamental to our civilisation, infrastructure is integrated into the background of our modern daily lives, specifically for water, which is essential to sustaining human and non-human life as well as sustaining a civil and healthy society culture. Based on this, this project focuses on the relationship between human-everyday experience in architecture and water infrastructure.

The beginning point focuses on boundaries, and I collect and analysed various boundaries including moving, hard and soft. The design related to boundary not only deepened my thinking about the relationship between architecture and context, but also showed a new possibility: through media including reflection, skylight and so on, the boundary became part of the experience in architecture.

Meanwhile, in order to respond to the context and cover the whole site better, I also designed different ways to reach individual buildings, and the seasonal variation of the site was also taken into consideration.


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