Adam Kerrod

Re-Growth of Bootle

Located in the heart of Bootle, this project was a direct response to fundamental social, economic,and environmental challenges prevalent in the area. Working with live clients ‘SAFE Regeneration’ it focused on Canalside apartments as part of a wider masterplan development that seeks to encourage investment and engagement.

The three apartment blocks aim to connect residents to each other, the canal, other areas of the masterplan and wider Bootle principally through social interaction opportunity, shared spaces, and a market. Pioneering urban farming techniques are used extensively at micro, intermediate and macro scale to fuel the market, a new sustainable approach to living and catalyse the regeneration of Bootle.

A masterplan was developed prior to contextualise and provide foundations for key principles of the apartment complex with a focus on preservation and integration with the existing environment, legibility of movement and permeable spaces.

The apartments sit within a wider complex with extra-care apartment units, housing and other facilities which are all tied together through a spacious boulevard and paths to the canal.


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