Alex Benjamin

The New High Tech: Film School for North Liverpool – Alex Benjamin

A film school comprises different functions with different requirements; some benefit from natural light, some require complete control using artificial lighting. My scheme applies this logic to the spatial organisation, separating ‘open’ academic functions and ‘closed’ technical functions by a central spine. To the South of this spine are the open functions, which are given views over the canal and natural lighting whilst to the North are the closed functions. The spine itself forms the café, providing maximum opportunity for informal interactions between the different users of the building.

The spine extends from Great Howard Street, through the building, towards a hypothetically proposed new train station. This serves the area of North Liverpool and responds to the future development already planned in this region. As part of the urban design strategy, the building is divided into 5 bays, the first being left covered but completely open as a new public plaza. An undulating timber gridshell roof covers and encloses the building. The undulations reflect different areas of function underneath, but also respond to the pattern of repeating roofscapes nearby.

The high-tech movement has left a legacy in Architectural design, but in our current global climate crisis, it is clear every effort must be made to minimise the use of non-renewable resources. The film school champions a truly 21st century approach to timber construction: The New High Tech.

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