Exterior Render

Alice Lilley


Exterior Render Two

Box Office Productions is a highly organised, purpose-built film school that aims to create links both within the school and with the surrounding context. Situated in the Liverpool Docks the scheme mirrors surroundings as a monolithic landmark. In combination with this the exposed steel structure reflects the industrial area. The accommodation of the scheme is arranged by function and use, to provide privacy for the school and administration aspects of the school whilst allowing glimpses of the film production to the public. The sensitive studios and workshops are in the three central “solid boxes” providing control of exterior sound and light penetration. The remaining accommodation surrounds these boxes; with the academic classrooms and student social spaces arranged on the north side and the administration on the east side.

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The materials used in the scheme were chosen to respond to the wider context but provide an appropriate atmosphere; for example, the corrugated poly-carbonate cladding on the “solid boxes”. This references the nearby metal warehouses but allows for more appropriate acoustic properties. The exterior façade of the scheme consists mainly of glass allowing light and heat into the building; just one of a variety of sustainable strategies. To combat potential overheating glass louvres are employed. These louvres also display the name of the film school in the form of an anamorphic illusion, a technique used in art and media. The scheme builds on the current “Ten Streets” project in Liverpool and provides a destination in which to appreciate Liverpool and its history.

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