Chloe Roberts

The Stage Set

The Stage Set takes a decorative, joyous approach to the Netflix film school brief. Located in the industrial district of Liverpool its corrugated aluminium shed floats on an arched base- ironically mirroring the sites neighbouring viaducts. The lower ground floor is sunken into the Liverpool/Leeds canal optimising multi-level access whilst borrowing views from the unusual natural atmosphere created by the still water.

The Stage Sets is profoundly inspired by biophilic design. This is implemented as a solution for some of the key issues in the built environment as a response to the current pandemic. The Stage Set recognises the importance of small detailing and its benefits to the whole project when successfully integrated in a large scheme. The scheme puts the health of its occupants at the forefront of all design decisions encouraging people to grow into their build environment with flexibility and relief in traditionally rigid accommodations.

Sustainable design compliments the biophilic approach as a building which values both the occupant’s health and well-being naturally respects the environment. From rammed earth wall finishing’s to stack driven ventilation the scheme uses a passive design approach to function with as little mechanical dependency as possible.

The Stage Set is based on the temporary nature of film using the buildings function as a film school to play upon the permanence of the structure in a Venturi ‘Less is bore’ stylistic form. Exposed eaves detailing in the roof and inexpensive materiality choices translate this attitude into a successful architectural scheme.

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