David Grant

My project sets out to respond to both the immediate historic context and wider social factors. Using a saw tooth roof gives regularity to the elongated Z shape block and mirrors the surrounding warehouse typology; this is reinforced by the series of duo pitches for the roof on the larger twisted block. My design responds the historic layout of the dock by reinterpreting this cutting as a landscaping feature. The adjacent Leeds-Liverpool canal is used for the sustainable transport of wood pellets, with a wood chip boiler providing the main heat energy for the building.

I developed the concept of a ‘black box studio’ to form the idea of a contained sold massing that inside celebrates the filmmaking process.  My perspective section drawing showcases this arrangement and the process of filmmaking. To form a drive in cinema arrangement I rotated this block to become parallel with the adjacent viaduct, forming the ‘twist in the plot’.

The ‘walk of film’ at the front of the building contains names of films recorded in Liverpool. This ‘walk of fame’ continues into the atrium where an exhibition in the form of a film reel provides a focus for a tectonic space. Upon exiting the atrium via the rear there is the ‘drive in cinema’, where the viaduct arches are repurposed for the use of tickets, concessions, lounge seating and special events. The large block that contains the cinema screen is clad in polycarbonate and lights up in colours before film screenings. The use of polycarbonate cladding on the design is in keeping with the tectonic feel of the buildings, and causes the buildings to glow when natural light is low.

email: davidgrant24@talktalk.net

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